This course section provides e-learning material for capacity building of stakeholders for the PRIMA Medsal project. The material will be used and supports the summer school on "Innovative Techniques to monitor, model and prevent groundwater salinization" (ITEMS). 

Training for webGIS. A training on using kvwmap has been carried out on 4.3. 2022 by Peter Korduan. The training lasted from 13:00 until 16:00 and has (partly) been recorded. Documentation of the training has been / will be added below the BBB course. The documentation will be provided also through a wiki system to which the link is given in the course.

This space brings together contributions to introduces the use of environmental isotopes for the study of groundwater salinization in terms of the origin of salinization processes, the status and dynamics. It is the base for two working groups on proxies for groundwater salinization derived from isotope techniques and for the intergration of isotope techniques into conceptual and numerical modeling.

The capacity building ITEMS 'Innovative Techniques to monitor, model and prevent groundwater salinization' is offered by the Medsal consortium (PRIMA) initiative to train early career scientists, young post-graduate students, PhD students and stakeholders on the origin, causes and indicators of groundwater salinization, on the modern monitoring tools, isotope techniques to detect salinization and reveal its type, origin, status and history, and on the modeling and model-based development of counter-measures and prevention strategies.