This course section provides learning material for capacity building of stakeholders for the MEDSAL Project©. Part of the material supported the summer school on "Innovative Techniques to monitor, model and prevent groundwater salinization" (ITEMS) held from 27th to 30th June 2022, hosted at the Polytechnic University of Bari (Bari – Italy).


MEDSAL “Salinization of critical groundwater reserves in coastal Mediterranean areas: Identification, Risk Assessment, and Sustainable Management with the use of integrated modeling and smart ICT tools”, aims to secure the availability and quality of groundwater reserves improving the identification, detection, classification, modeling, and risk assessment of salinization in Mediterranean coastal areas. It involves 7 partners (SWRI, CERTH, CUT, FST, POLIBA, MEU, and THL) from 6 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, Italy, Turkey and Germany) with activities of monitoring, sampling, analysis, modeling in 5 sites (Rhodope – Greece, Samos – Greece, Bouficha – Tunisia, Salento – Italy and Tarsus – Turkey). MEDSAL Project © is part of the PRIMA Programme, supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

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This space brings together contributions to introduces the use of environmental isotopes for the study of groundwater salinization in terms of the origin of salinization processes, the status and dynamics. It is the base for two working groups on proxies for groundwater salinization derived from isotope techniques and for the intergration of isotope techniques into conceptual and numerical modeling.

This course introduces application of hydrogeochemical modelling in groundwater salinization problems.

A course on artificial intelligence and machine learning

The course introduces and details geostatistical methods developped within the MedSal project and applied to MedSal test sites.